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Day….418…I think

I started this post with the title “Day….418….I think” because it seems to me that everyone has been counting the days that they’ve been on a challenge, or that they’ve been “good” on their diet and whatnot. I think that’s all very well and good and if it works for you, then great.

Personally, I’ve had to make it my lifestyle. “What I do.” This has been the case for more than a year (hence the 418 day approximation). I do post, on occasion, “week 4 is staring with a bang” or whatever, but that just means it’s the 4th week of the year.

When I quit smoking this last time (which was THE LAST TIME), I counted the days smoke free for the first 5. After that, it was like “okay, so now I’m a non-smoker!” It was a mental shift.

I think the same thing applies when it comes to my health & fitness. I am not doing this for a pre-determined amount of time. It is simply something I do, now. Sunday through Friday, I eat high protein, low carb. Saturday is cheat day. Sunday is laundry, groceries & food prep. Workouts are Monday through Saturday. It may sound boring, but it sure has been working! I woke up this morning, had my shower, made my eggs, packed my protein, chicken & veggies for the day, and off I went! My entire morning routine has become a 35-minute endeavour and my entire day goes swimmingly because of it!

I guess what I’m saying is, if I were looking at it as “Day whatever of whatever”, then i could find excuses to not do something because there’s always “x” amount of days left, or then I’d be pressured when there’s ONLY “x” amount of days left. This way, everyday has the same importance allotted to it and therefore, it’s just…habit.


Journey 2012 — what will this year bring??

Funny how “journey” and “january” can look so similar.  As the year begins, most of us will take time to set goals for the upcoming 12 months, as though the clock striking midnight on Jan1 were some magical occurrence that has the power to change our lives.  Truthfully, if that’s what you believe, then that is exactly the power it has.  Too many of us, though, do not take time to look back and figure out what went right and wrong in the past 12 months.  This month, I will do both.

Looking back:

I started 2011 with my first ever half-marathon, which I did in DisneyWorld in Florida, USA.  To say that this kicked off a year of fitness and weightloss would not be an understatement.  Just knowing that I could not only complete a half-marathon, but that I enjoyed it, was HUGE.

I have been on a 6-year journey to lose the >100 lbs I put on since I was 18 and I made a decision at the end of 2010 that I am finally going to do this.  I do not expect it to come off immediately and I know that it requires a ton of hard work.  That, I can do.  I am finally at a place, mentally and physically, to be able to put the work in, and I decided nothing is going to stop me.

On May 29, 2011, I completed my 2nd half-marathon.  That’s right – I did two in 6 months.  The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming!!  I celebrated by starting with a personal trainer the next day (what can I say, I’m a sucker for punishment, I think).

After 7 months of training 3x/week with a trainer and 3x/week on my own, I show no signs of stopping.  My body has changed in incredible ways.  I can lift, pull, drag and carry more weight than I ever thought possible, and I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight.

I reached a goal!!!

I finally broke through 200lbs on the scale.  Yes, I am posting it here, for the whole world to see (if they so choose), that I used to weigh more than 200lbs.  In fact, I used to weigh 265lbs back in 2006.  (gross, right? I agree.)

Well, it turns out that hitting 199 on the scale was a tipping point for me, but not in the way you would expect.  I truly truly thought, this whole time, that my goal was 24% bodyfat (approx 160/170lbs).  Apparently not!  My goal, in my head, was breaking through that 200lb mark.  I know this, because I had a mini-breakdown after it happened and I spent an entire weekend in the most foul mood you can imagine.  (honestly, I almost threw things in my apartment.  the only thing that stopped me was knowing I’d have to fix it or clean it up)

Now what??  Looking forward:

So now….I need a new goal.  Yes, my goal is still 24% bodyfat, but I need something to work towards to propel me to that goal.  I am considering a number of options, but the forerunner at the moment is a Femsport Challenge, which is a crossfit competion being held on the day before my 34th birthday.

Ideas are welcome!

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