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Why do we do what we do??

I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. In life, in general. Why I feel the need to get obsessed about anything….gym, food, guys, you name it….If I like it, I’m obsessed with it.  Super annoying.

That is all.


ps – i have no idea what the two replies on my other post was re: password protected were referring to!  What???


Fat Tuesday Confessional

Worked from home today as I seem to have come down with a headcold.  A minor one, but still enough to knock me out for 2 hours this afternoon.

Was a surprisingly productive day, considering it was done from my kitchen table through a headfog and included a long skype call with my parents (yay!!) (Finally, they’re back in the country!  It’s not that I worry, really, when they’re gone, but I like knowing we’re on the same general landspace.)

Obviously, I am not going to the gym today, which…I think…is a good thing.  I didn’t take a break on the weekend, and with yesterday being a holiday, I went in the late morning (note to self: if you go at 12:30pm instead of 11:30am, you will run into FAR fewer people — how come you haven’t learned that yet??) and my body hurts. Needs a break.

Which brings me to the main point of this post:

The Confession

Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, has long been a day of final indulgences prior to the 40 days of Lent.  As well, a day of confession.  For me, it was the indulgence of sleep and reflection upon the indulgences of the weekend. Ohhh….the indulgences.  It was like Denver all over again.

I think I’m seeing a pattern.

I do “so well” during the week and then binge on the weekend.  But not for just one meal or even one day. No, this starts on Friday afternoon and goes to Monday morning (or evening, if said Monday is a holiday).  I think I need to find some balance in my diet.  Seeing the scale this morning was a major shock.  I truly hope it’s mostly water weight. (and also? i am ALWAYS hungry when I overload on carbs. It’s annoying.)

I will not write out what I ate here; it won’t be that sort of confessional, because honestly, it’s embarrassing.

It’s enough to say that it was Denver: Part Deux.  Instead, I’m going to try a different approach this week and include more carbs daily so that I’m not so tempted to binge on the weekends.  This cannot be healthy.

Here’s to the learning process!

Alright, it’s time to crack down

I wouldn’t say I’ve been slacking, exactly.  Working out 6 days a week and killing it at every single workout does not equal slacking.  Food-wise, I have been doing really well (with the exception of last week, which we will ignore, as it is in the past and therefore, unchangeable).

However(!!!)…..I have just renewed my personal training sessions for another six months, which is A LOT of money (although my recent raise covers the cost — WOOT!!) and so I figure, if I’m going to shell out this much cash over the course of 14 months, I’d damn well better be on my best behavior.


Behave Yourself

And so, I hereby vow to make every moment of the next six months of personal training count.  This is not to say I will not live a good, balanced life, because I think I put wayyyy too much pressure on myself sometimes.  This is amazingly counterproductive, because the more pressure I put on myself, the more I want to rebel….against…myself….(??)….and then I end up in this tangled web of pressure and hate and binge-eating and despondency.  


To Infinity And Beyond

Learning balance might be the hardest thing of all, actually. But, like everything else…..


ps – thank you to those of you who have influenced my blogging style, which is really more of a “hey i like what they did there” sort of style. 

Carbs were invented just last week, right??

…..because last week I ate like they were new in life and as though they’re going extinct this week.

I visited a friend in Denver, CO., last week and I made a decision before I left that I would not be on-plan at all if I didn’t want to. Here’s how that panned out…..note the rapid decline into requiring a shovel to put everything in my mouth fast enough.

Day 1 — because I was travelling, I ate somewhat off plan. This included a muffin and some chocolate. And a beer.  And mexican food!! mmmmmmmmmm

Day 2 — no no no, I’m going to be good today.  Okay, I’ll start the day with a healthy bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerios.  Lunch was a healthy salad and a cannoli because we were at this kick ass italian restaurant.  Dinner….we had mexican again, which was awesome.  Not bad at all, actually!!

Day 3 — Peanut Butter Cheerios (GAWD these things are amazing — we do not have this in Canada that I know of)….WORKOUT (yay me!!!)…..PIZZA(?!?!mmmmmmm)…..and then…..chips. and almond/pecan/cashew clusters.  and copious amounts of full-sugar pop mixed with Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon Whiskey.  Oh, and chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies with chocolate milk.

Day 4 — Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast.  <<—- this was actually amazing greasy spoon diner food!!   Didn’t eat again until around 5pm when I had spicy peel ‘n eat shrimp at this great little pub in downtown Denver.  Last slice of leftover pizza.  Cue the copious amounts of alcohol and pop again.

Day 5 — travel day again.  Let’s go crazy!!  Airport #1: Egg McMuffin, McHashbrown, McCoffee.  Airport #2: A bagel with cream cheese.  Chocolate.  Did I mention chocolate?  Airport #3:  Sushi. And….Chocolate.  Home: Eggs. LOL

Wow.  So…..yes.  I’m pretty sure carbs were invented last week, because I ate as many as I could.

This binge was brought to you by Suzanne’s  Happy Brain.  Honestly, I haven’t been this happy in months.  I don’t feel great about my choices, but I’m not beating myself up, either.  Life goes on and I had a TON of fun!!

Re-focused, re-energized, re-motivated

What a fantastic workout yesterday!!! It’s not that I don’t usually have great workouts, because I surely do – most days, in fact. But you know how sometimes a workout is just SO DAMN GOOD?! Well, that was yesterday.

Trainer and I did a full hour of just back work. He worked out with me, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy the “I go, you go” routine of partnering. Have never been much of a “partner” sort of gym person, but I can totally see where the advantage is for occasional switch ups.

Approx 2/3 the way through the back workout, I got the endorphin rush. Then the hot guy I love to watch showed up, so the adrenaline kicked in (LOL!!!).  I kept going on biceps after trainer and I were finished and then put in 45 mins cardio. I kid you not, by the time I left, I had so much energy I felt like I could run a 10K, easy. I was flying high!!

Even today, I want to shout from the rooftops about how good I feel. Some DOMS, but very little, considering the thrashing we put my back through. I think that means I’m doing something right!

As a result of the talking-to I gave myself Sunday (read: perspectives blog on my bodyspace site) and a very focused day at work + a killer workout, and I feel like I could easily take on just about anything today.

Have a great week everyone!!! I’m off to Denver tomorrow to see a friend I’ve had for 20 years this year. Will be keeping on track as much as possible while there, but am not going to kill myself for not being 100% on plan. I know that we’ll be active enough, and I know how to keep my diet under control.


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