Flat Abs, Fat Wallet

getting fit, living a life of purpose and lamenting life in general

Dear sickies: keep it to yourself, please!

If you know that you are not healthy…you have been sneezing and coughing, your eyes are watery, and you ‘thound like dis’ when you talk, PLEASE keep it to yourself. 

As an avid gym-goer, I have to share your germs just by being in the same space as you, let alone touching the same weights and gym equipment you touch.  Learn to use the hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes for the machines, would you?  I do, but they can only do so much! You have to do your part, too.

Also, if we workout together and your throat has been sore for three days, no, I don’t want you to perform MMA moves on me that require your face near mine in anyway, thankyouverymuch.  Get to a doctor and quit breathing on me!

End of Rant.  Now, for some helpful hints:



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