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One of those….months

You know that phrase “‘Wow, I really regret that workout”, said no one, ever”? Well, I’ve been struggling lately with my motivation, and I had “one of those days” on Monday of this week, and when I left the gym, I thought “I actually DO regret that workout”.  Because I really didn’t give it my all and I knew it.  I didn’t want to be there, so I decided to approach it as “I will do a mini-workout, then, because at least I will have done something”.

But….I left the gym feeling like I hadn’t put in 100%, and that weighed on my mind for the rest of the night.  Why did I bother to even go, if I wasn’t going to do anything worthwhile?  (sigh) Time for yet ANOTHER shift in thinking.  (hold on, because my thought patterns can be a bit of a roller-coaster — some people tell me this is because I’m a Gemini, that I always see two sides of everything.  I like that explanation better than “You’re Crazy with a Capital C”)

On Monday, I did 30 mins hard cardio and 30 mins chest.  Therefore, I actually DID do SOMETHING, so why was I beating myself up?  Because I wasn’t dripping sweat at the end?  Oh well!!  Suck it up, I say.  Everyday is a new day and not a single day is ever going to be exactly like the other.  Some workouts are going to be better than others.  So, accept it and move on!  That’ s not to say that I should phone it in every time I go to the gym and then say to myself “oh well, at least I went”, it means allowing myself to have a workout that wasn’t my Best Workout Ever and accepting it for what it was, moving on and putting in the work the next day.

Having said that, I truly do believe this:


You get out what you put in

So that’s why I’m upset with myself, I guess.  I know that if I don’t put in HARD work, I won’t get HARD results.

For the record, though, I KILLED my workout yesterday.

Guilty as charged

Guilty as charged


Resurrection…of…THE BLOG…..

Okay, so the title was supposed to be read in the same way as you’d hear the voice over say “Night….of the living DEAD!!!”, so if you didn’t hear it in that voice, go and read it again.  I will wait.

Done? Okay, so…..now.  For the resurrection.

I’ve decided this blog is going to be more than just a fitness journey log.  I have some seriously funny thoughts on a regular basis (well, at least I think so), and I figure it’s about time the world benefited from them.  LOL!!  So modest, so humble.


This morning, my coworker told me that he sent roses to his fiancé’s work and that he’s taking her out for a romantic dinner.  (sigh)  This announcement caused me to start evaluating why I never get asked out to romantic dinners and my conclusion is that I think I’m more the “let’s chug a beer at the football game” kind of a girl.  I realize that I have manufactured my own dilemma.

I like to box, lift weights, play poker, smoke cigars, drink beer, hate shopping…..man, I would make the best boyfriend.  LOL  Except I’m a chick.  And I like dudes.  Of course, I just said “chick” and “dudes”, which really isn’t helping my cause.

ImageBut you know what?? I LIKE me.  And that’s saying a lot, because for many years, I really didn’t.

This year, 2013, is the year of Flat Abs, Fat Wallet.  I am trying to get my eating and spending under control.  The two should go hand in hand, but I’m having issues with both.  Oh well!!  It’s all a work in progress.  I am a work in progress.  Welcome to my journey.


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