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I saw Jillian Michaels and lived to tell about it

Haha this post title is a bit misleading but I did realize that somewhere in my head, I always had this idea that if Jillian and I occupied the same space,  some cosmic explosion would occur.  Turns out I was wrong. (Maybe its because we didnt actually meet and shake hands or hug…..) 😉 kidding!!

On a serious note though, I attended Jillian’s “Maximize your life” tour last night and her talk was fantastic. Direct, concise, sometimes harsh but definitely inspiring, as you would expect, if you know anything about her.  I did feel that a recap of information at the end would have been useful for many in the audience.

Because of my weightloss success this week, I am already super motivated and now I have a few more tools to move forward with.

I am currently tracking yesterday’s foods, and I had a bit of an epiphany. I was allowing myself a less strict day and I found I was still making MOSTLY good choices while allowing myself some leeway.  ****Is this what balance feels like???****  Maybe, but I still overate by an entire days’ worth of calories.  So, I didn’t do great, but hey — its not like I ate back the full five and a half pounds i lost last week. Just half a pound.

Today, I am back to my [now] regularly scheduled program. I am doing food prep this afternoon and planning my week ahead in food and workouts.
WHO AM I?!?!? LOLOLOL I seriously ask myself this question almost daily now. This time just Really. Feels. Different. 

As mentioned above, I lost 5.5lbs (2.5kgs) after just four (4) days of eating right last week. I was up 2lbs this morning, after yesterday’s relaxed eating day but I am not remotely discouraged.  In fact I am quite pleased with my mental state around all of this. I CAN do this and, even more so than that, I AM.

Stay tuned folks. Big big changes are a-comin!


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