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Re-focused, re-energized, re-motivated

What a fantastic workout yesterday!!! It’s not that I don’t usually have great workouts, because I surely do – most days, in fact. But you know how sometimes a workout is just SO DAMN GOOD?! Well, that was yesterday.

Trainer and I did a full hour of just back work. He worked out with me, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy the “I go, you go” routine of partnering. Have never been much of a “partner” sort of gym person, but I can totally see where the advantage is for occasional switch ups.

Approx 2/3 the way through the back workout, I got the endorphin rush. Then the hot guy I love to watch showed up, so the adrenaline kicked in (LOL!!!).  I kept going on biceps after trainer and I were finished and then put in 45 mins cardio. I kid you not, by the time I left, I had so much energy I felt like I could run a 10K, easy. I was flying high!!

Even today, I want to shout from the rooftops about how good I feel. Some DOMS, but very little, considering the thrashing we put my back through. I think that means I’m doing something right!

As a result of the talking-to I gave myself Sunday (read: perspectives blog on my bodyspace site) and a very focused day at work + a killer workout, and I feel like I could easily take on just about anything today.

Have a great week everyone!!! I’m off to Denver tomorrow to see a friend I’ve had for 20 years this year. Will be keeping on track as much as possible while there, but am not going to kill myself for not being 100% on plan. I know that we’ll be active enough, and I know how to keep my diet under control.



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