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The Glory of my Sweat Ring

A local radio personality, Lori Gibbs, has a blog in which she is documenting her own weightloss journey, and in a comment I made on her post yesterday, I referred to the “glory that is my own sweat ring” at the gym, to which she replied it should be the title of a graphic novel, if not a feature film.  I tend to agree.  But, I figure a blog post is sufficient.  (Hey! I never claimed to be an overachiever)

So, let’s get down to brass tacks here.  I LOVE to sweat.  I can’t stand cardio, for some reason, but I really enjoy the sweat I can get going and the benefits are hella worth it.  It means I’m burning excess fat, clearing my body of toxins and excess water and releasing stress.

Dive, duck, dip, dive and DODGE!!

Oh, and to the people who see that sweat line under my boobs and wrinkle their nose in disgust……just be thankful that I am not pushing your face into a puddle of it.



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