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We are people, not commodities

Oooooooo I am just all fired up. FRIDAY AFTERNOON RANT!

I subscribe to updates from a burlesque performer here in Calgary who posted about declining a gig because the company stipulated that the members of her burlesque troupe had to be 120lbs or less. Burlesque is about celebrating the female form in all it’s glory. Not celebrating females in the cookie-cutter form that some people in society deem necessary. “We are people, not commodities, thankyouverymuch”, said the burlesque dancer who declined the invitation to perform.  Exactly!! 

Personally, I could not possibly weigh 120lbs, and don’t think I have, since I was in Grade 7 or so. I was once very, very overweight, but at my thinnest was still around 160lbs. And I’ll you what: if/when I get to 160lbs again, I will look DAMN good.

Who are they to determine what weight looks good on someone? For the purposes of illustrating a point, I have included a link a photo of 5 different women all at 150lbs. Yes, it’s not 120lbs, but that’s actually beside the point. Look at the major differences. Weight is not the only measurement out there.

Having said that, obesity is still a very real concern in this world and for the purposes of illustrating the effects of weight on a person’s skeletal & muscular structures, I’ve included a link to a body scan of a 250lb woman vs. 120lb woman. The differences are significant.

The point to all this? Don’t let a number define you. Never let someone tell you what you should weigh. Live a healthy, active lifestyle and just try to be the best YOU there is.


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