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Carbs were invented just last week, right??

…..because last week I ate like they were new in life and as though they’re going extinct this week.

I visited a friend in Denver, CO., last week and I made a decision before I left that I would not be on-plan at all if I didn’t want to. Here’s how that panned out…..note the rapid decline into requiring a shovel to put everything in my mouth fast enough.

Day 1 — because I was travelling, I ate somewhat off plan. This included a muffin and some chocolate. And a beer.  And mexican food!! mmmmmmmmmm

Day 2 — no no no, I’m going to be good today.  Okay, I’ll start the day with a healthy bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerios.  Lunch was a healthy salad and a cannoli because we were at this kick ass italian restaurant.  Dinner….we had mexican again, which was awesome.  Not bad at all, actually!!

Day 3 — Peanut Butter Cheerios (GAWD these things are amazing — we do not have this in Canada that I know of)….WORKOUT (yay me!!!)…..PIZZA(?!?!mmmmmmm)…..and then…..chips. and almond/pecan/cashew clusters.  and copious amounts of full-sugar pop mixed with Jim Beam Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon Whiskey.  Oh, and chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies with chocolate milk.

Day 4 — Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast.  <<—- this was actually amazing greasy spoon diner food!!   Didn’t eat again until around 5pm when I had spicy peel ‘n eat shrimp at this great little pub in downtown Denver.  Last slice of leftover pizza.  Cue the copious amounts of alcohol and pop again.

Day 5 — travel day again.  Let’s go crazy!!  Airport #1: Egg McMuffin, McHashbrown, McCoffee.  Airport #2: A bagel with cream cheese.  Chocolate.  Did I mention chocolate?  Airport #3:  Sushi. And….Chocolate.  Home: Eggs. LOL

Wow.  So…..yes.  I’m pretty sure carbs were invented last week, because I ate as many as I could.

This binge was brought to you by Suzanne’s  Happy Brain.  Honestly, I haven’t been this happy in months.  I don’t feel great about my choices, but I’m not beating myself up, either.  Life goes on and I had a TON of fun!!


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4 thoughts on “Carbs were invented just last week, right??

  1. Coming to the states will do that to you!

    • LOL it’s not like we don’t have carbs in Canada, silly. I just manage to not eat them all while I’m here. However…..$5 pizza’s from Little Ceasar’s…..happy hours that rival Mexican pricing….and the multitudes of bad-for-you foods at just Target alone is mind-boggling.

  2. Peanut butter cheerios?! Oh dear gracious! I think I am thankful I live in Canada. 😀

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